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well its day one of the christmas celebrations. at least i got out of a bit of work this morning because i had a doctor's appt but, well, i guess i felt too objectified by it in a way, so it didn't help much. i told the doc about having fibro but no rheumie and asked him if it'd be okay to have some flexoril, telling him that it worked when i used to take it a few years back, not telling him it works when i get it now from a good friend of mine (which is the real truth). with that being said, he starts reading through my entire chart and asking all kinds of questions and poking me.

this guy is standing in for my gp. i've obviously had issues for a while with rheumatic diseases, and i know what's going on. the nurses know so. this guy starts asking "does this hurt?" pushing a pressure point, "does anything hurt today?" (while its pouring rain and i'm obviously uncomfortable). he also makes wonderful comments, "if you REALLY have fibro" and "what can we do for you, then? shoot you?". i realize the latter was a joke but i don't even know him, what the hell is he doing making jokes?

to make it better i can't be out with the doctors in this area, so i was really uncomfy for a few reasons all at once. at least he gave me my meds. 90 of the lowdose, so i can keep going on them for a while.
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