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CROSS POSTED TO trans_fibro_crs
Two really special things in one evening, both connected with music. I found a cassette tape that I had totally forgotten I'd recorded myself singing back in 1992 (before I got the flu that led to my losing my pitch holding ability for 9 years), and it has all 4 of the songs I ever wrote. As the voice changes with the testosterone caught me unprepared and I hadn't been able to record my voice before it started changing, I thought that all I would have was the phone message recording (which would have been difficult to retrieve from messagebank). Now I have 4 songs, I'm going to do a backup tape and keep it here, and send the other tape back to Ballarat with Irene, there is a place up there that can put taped or '78RPM (REALLY old records) onto cd! YAY!! We're going to try and work out what I"m not doing properly with the microphone on the computer too, so I can record from now on straight to computer, linkey can help with that.

The three of us, me, little_sista amd linkey spent hours last night on computers (in turns, 2 computers between 3 people, so I did some guitar playing while they were LJ playing), getting different things that I didn't know how to do worked out, etc. linkey also put my xmas present from Irene in place and hooked up, new computer speakers (I still had the old ones from the double speed cd rom drive put in in about 1995 there), they are great ones with volume control, bass settings and their own power system, so I now have a longer power board.

The other really great thing, one which actually had me crying because I was so happy was that I found my best guitar, tuned it as it's currently the only one in the house with all 6 strings, then I found some sheet music and started to try and work out what songs I can sing now that my range has dramatically altered. I managed two so far, fortunately the music was in a different key to the higher key I learned it in years ago, "Streets of London", it was great to sing that, it was one of my old busking songs. I definitely need to learn to control my voice, well I think it's still 'breaking', so I don't know how long it will take to settle down, but I think that once it does, it's going to be much easier to increase volume than when I sang many years ago. And it's really great to be able to sing some of the songs that were always way too deep for me to reach before. The best part though is being able to sing again after all these years!

Everything else is going well too. Five weeks last Friday I've been on the T, and the effect it's having on my fibro and cfs is fantastic, I'm actually starting to cut down the number of tablets I have a day, from 8-10 to between 5 and 7 (7 is usually the days where I either don't sleep or I only get an hour or two). Anyway, I guess if I'm going to stay awake (phone call from Michael saying he is coming over to visit) I'd better go and make some coffee. More later, and I'll try and fill in some of the missing time. I got a lovely spiral bound big fat journal from our friend Nathan in Texas, which I'm going to use as the hard copy of my transition journal, so I'll have to set up the other printer and get an ink cartridge so I can print out the trans related entries here, then I'll continue in both formats.
Lots to do, wonderful people to be with, and plenty to do when others are busy, this is total bliss. hugs, Simon
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