Erinkyan (not_in_denial) wrote in trans_fibro_cfs,


Hi everyone :D Pointed to this community by a friend. So, the obligatory intro--

My name is Erin. (Chorus of "Hi, Erin!") I'm 20 years old, and I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past six years. I'm silly, kinky, polyamourous and pansexual. Phew. After a few years of searching for a suitable label I've settled on "intergendered" to express my simultaneous male/female identity.

I moved here to Melbourne in February this year from Canberra, where I was seeing the CFS specialist Jonathan Turtle, but now I've moved...well, I'm in need of another long-term doctor. Can anyone recommend a good, open-minded doctor here in Melbourne? I don't care whereabouts so long as I can get to them, I'm happy to sit on a train for three hours to get to them (despite what that in itself might do to me, heh.)
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