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New Community for trans abuse victims and survivors

Cross posted, please pass on to any trans victim of abuse (past or current)- thanks.

linkey has just started a new community. This community group is to help people who have been abused in any way, shape or form. This is a support network for Transgendered people - M2F's and F2M's.
Trans Abuse Victims
Helping Them To Be Strong
If you have been a victim of abuse, or know someone who has, we are at transabusevic. From my own experience, being able to talk to others who have been through abuse has been extremely helpful which is why I'm trying to get the message out to other trans LJ'ers. It's not my community, but I signed up as soon as it was set up. Helping each other to heal can be a very empowering and life changing experience. In many, many ways, much more powerful and effective than years of 'counselors' or psychiatrists. No, I'm not suggesting anyone try to replace a professional with a group, only that a group can really help, no matter what it's size, because unlike most of the professionals, we've been there, we understand. Hope we can reach those who would benefit from this group. Hugs, Simon
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