Octobriana from Oz (Laura Seabrook) (octobrianaoz) wrote in trans_fibro_cfs,
Octobriana from Oz (Laura Seabrook)

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Hi there...

This community interests me, in that I'm on hormones (I had SRS in 2000), and suspect that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm currently on a disability allowance for panic attacks & depression.

If I go to my GP, what should I ask to test this out? And what can I do about it? A friend suggested I try multi-vitamins -- would this help?

Thanks for any help.
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you can probably get a lot more information (this is a pretty quiet community) from a CFS community or the fibromyalgia community. there are already a few transpeople on the fibromyalgia community if it makes you feel more comfortable, i know it made me feel more comfortable.

hi, by the way, and welcome. i hope you're feeling okay today, as okay is defined for you, that is. i'm pre-everything FTM and probably have both fms and cfs.
Mmm, maybe, but sometimes it's hard to talk about some issue with folk who aren't trans, if you know what I mean.

I had a good day today, but am burning the candle at both ends getting an TAFE assignment done tonight.